Suits are working overtime

Suits are working overtime

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This and the upcoming seasons, suits are working overtime. Classic tailoring is now combined with modern lines and a full range of colors, making them too cool to be confined just for work. There are numerous ways to adapt the current high-waisted suit trend for the street this year, but today's ode goes to the black color. It is not only an eternal classic but also probably the safest option when additional wardrobe questions arise. A timeless cut and the most versatile color in clothes, especially when aiming for sustainability, simply cannot be of poor quality. It's time to invest in your image.
A masculine line in a woman's wardrobe, a modern suit has many faces and is no longer just a duet of a jacket and a skirt or a jacket and pants. Any set of matching clothes is called a suit. It is not only comfortable and modern but also a very stylistically appropriate choice for the upcoming spring, as layering has never been so playful and varied. Countless different looks can be achieved with just one suit line.
Defining a suit today is not easy, as there are hardly any rules on how it should look, where, and when to wear it. In the world of fashion dominated by different styles, the traditional classic suit can be very versatile, tailored not only for different life situations or environments but even for women of different styles, by using additional layering or accessories - to be the main wardrobe guide.
Model wears 2024 Spring/Summer collections
Model: Laura Juknevičiūtė
Photography: Vaidas Jokubauskas
Make-up & hair: Nojus Daškevičius
Style by InAvati

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